Weil am Rhein is located on the edge of Tüllinger Berg in the Rhine valley and extends in the west to the Rhine. The special location between the Rhine and the foothills of the Black Forest favors an exceptionally southern climate and offers excellent conditions for viticulture. The Vosges and the Alps are in sight. Its highest point is just below the summit of Tüllinger mountain at 455 meters altitude.

The tri-border region is not only known for its chemical industry, companies in the electrical industry, automotive suppliers, mechanical engineering companies, numerous small high-tech companies in various industries. In nearby Basel, the largest and most important trade fair venue in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe can be found. And the whole thing is located on a fair and congress site amidst an attractive urban environment.

Especially popular with our guests is the central location and the associated short distances. The short vacationer reaches the most beautiful holiday resorts of Switzerland within 1-2 hours by car or train, is in less than 3 hours in Ticino, in one hour on the highest mountain in the Black Forest or in the Vosges.

You can enjoy the advantages of the culinary Markgräflerlandes, get to know the rich offer of French cuisine and experience the cultural and leisure activities in all 3 regions. But especially the mild climate, caused by southern currents that reach the border triangle through the Burgundian Gate and a very high number of hours of sunshine have made the border triangle known as one of the warmest areas of Germany.